The Eorzean Aquarium

A fully immersive experience, featuring every single aquarium fish in FFXIV up to 6.1 on display!

About Us

The Eorzean Aquarium is a not-for-profit institution dedicated to bringing the fish (and fish-like marine-dwellers) of Eorzea and beyond right to your back yard! We have every aquarium fish that has been released in the wild (as of patch 6.1) on display for your viewing edification, arranged in rooms by their native habitat.But wait, there's more(a)!Along with all of these amazing aquatic animals, we also have a lovely café, a gift shop, a touch tank, new exhibits coming all the time, and fun and exciting upcoming community events! You definitely don't want to miss out!Come sea us today!


The Eorzean Aquarium is located on the Crystal Datacenter, Malboro World in the Lavender Beds, Ward 16, Plot 59.
If you already have a character on Crystal, just hop on over and come visit us! But if you're on another datacenter...well, don't worry! It's super easy to reach us, and you don't have to go through a bunch of MSQ!
Just make yourself an alt on Crystal (preferably Malboro, but any world will do!) with a class starting in New Gridania (Conjurer, Archer, Lancer) and then NYOOM your way along the path marked below:

Community Calendar

The Aquarium is open to visitors 24/7 every day of the year, but every now and then we'll host special events...keep an eye on the calendar to see what's going on!


We love seeing all the amazing photos our visitors take, and we take plenty of our own as well! Here are some wonderful shots from the Aquarium. Maybe yours could be among them one day!

The Sandbar

Worn out from your exploring and need a break? We've got just the thing! Why not rest a spell and enjoy some of our delicious house-made food and drink while the fish look at you for a change?All food and drink is 4000 gil each, and your donation goes right back into keeping the aquarium running, adding new exhibits, and updating our displays!

Salad SkaanCrisp, bright notes like the hope you feel when you see that ferocious bite...followed by the sour tang of crushing disappointment when you reel in a Sound of Fury instead, with a hint of bitter despair. Only, you know, in salad form. With spring greens, tomatoes, carrots, and a citrus balsamic vinaigrette.
Cindered EggsCaution: the Eorzean Aquarium does not recommend eating any eggs you may fish up in the middle of the desert. These delicious, creamy deviled eggs with a little kick of spice are made with just your bog standard chicken eggs.
SushiUnwrap this persimmon leaf to find lovely vinegared rice and fresh-sliced fish of the day! It's like those mystery chests the Grand Companies are selling, only you can eat 'em!
Seafood StewA staple in many fisher's kitchens, this hearty stew with tomatoes, spices, and various sea critters will warm you right up on a rainy day! (Don't ask where the fish come from. They aren't aquarium rejects. We promise.)
Fae FancyIt might look like a fish, but there's no seafood in this fancy tart--just warm, delicious caramelized apples in a tender, flaky, golden pastry crust.
Momora Chocolate CookieA delicious chocolate chip cookie in the shape of a Momora Mora fish, featuring (mo)more(a) chocolate chips than you thought one cookie could hold.
Angler's IntuitionMysterious, complex, fruity with a hint of salt, this blend of juices and elixirs is a house secret. Sip it slowly while watching the fish, and let their wisdom wash over you like the waves~
Spectral CurrantMuddled currants dot this lovely citrusy blend of lemonade and extra effervescent water, garnished with just a hint of mint. Maybe that's why it's green? Like the spectral current it's named after, some things are just destined to remain forever a mystery.
Sea BreezePineapple and rolanberry juice combine to create the perfect sweet scent, masking the tart flavor blast lies in wait below the foamy surface. Served with a wedge of lime.

< staff >

This entire project would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of a group of incredibly talented and tireless fisherfolk. If you see any of these fishers on an ocean boat or in the wild, give 'em a /cheer!Alaric Thurstan (Mateus)
Aletta Aldis (Goblin)
Anastasie Crowley (Mateus)
Beans McGee (Malboro)
Cattor Reddot (Lamia)
Clarias Batrachus
Dani Young
Desidora Tali (Phoenix)
Drakansoul Belyaev
Lil' Fishstick (Malboro)
Lucerna Sainahs (Balmung)
Mariya Kukai (Balmung)
Mienna Pelletier (Excalibur)
Mintie Pi
Mizuki Amizuki (Malboro)
M'ok Nbolo
Pandorise Madain (Siren)
Sami Relanah
Savia Draumont (Balmung)
Sophie Miret-moor (Zalera)
Sorell Leros (Coeurl)
Vi Sovari (Goblin)
Little Suns Housing Community
the numerous amazing fisherfolk who have donated time, fish, and gil to making our dreams a reality
and of course, the one who started us on this path...
♥Fruity Snacks♥


Supporters of Fish, and Fish we support! Affiliates coming soon~


All items 5000 gil! Donations right to the Namazu Orphans Fund!

  • Local Specialtea (Commanding Craftsman's Tea): Chill out with a refreshing cup of the local special tea!~ Just don't drink too much, yes yes, or your head will be swimming!

  • Soup of the Day (Miso Soup with Tofu): Today's soup is a lovely miso with fresh pressed tofu, yes yes! Light but satisfying!

  • Hide and Go Leeks (Sauteed Green Leeks): These leeks are a steppe above! Lots of garlic, nice and juicy and tender, yes yes! ...Why are you looking at me like that?

  • Reunion Buuz (Nomad Meat Pie): Stuffed with delizious spiced dzo meat, these buuz are a Reunion specialty, yes yes!

  • Unidentified Festive Objects (Tako-yaki): Fried dough is even better with an octopus surprise hidden inside, yes yes! Just be careful when you bite in, they're hot!

  • Steep Trouble (Steppe Tea): Sweet, smooth, and creamy, this tea packs a punch! Give a WASSHOI before you drink and toast to us all!

  • Pursuit Pudding (Persimmon Pudding): A perfect way to finish off your day, yes yes! Persimmons and eggs and sugar--oh my! Grab two spoons and share some with a Namazu Orphan today!